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Do you want to have a corporate video made in Kontich? At Nimbow we are convinced that video is the ideal way to tell your story. On your website, in a commercial, on social media, via e-learning, ... The possibilities are endless. External communication, internal communication, company presentation, video banners, e-learning videos, event support and much more.

Corporate video Nimbow in Kontich

It's not for nothing that video has become one of the most popular marketing tools. Moving images are hot. With more than 20 years of experience we try to see with you what the possibilities are of your next video project. We invite you to take a look at our portfolio. Do you wonder why you are not listed? Then do not hesitate to contact us for an informal conversation. 

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Nimbow in Kontich corporate video

Nimbow corporate video services in Kontich

TV spot, video animation, video production, music clip, marketing video, in-store video, content, 2d animation, cartoons, corporate films, logo animations, multi-camera, video clips, motion graphics.

Corporate video

The term "corporate video" is a comprehensive description for videos made for business and / or information purposes. This includes business promotion videos, product videos, training videos, and informational videos. A corporate film is often used for a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment and is viewed by a limited target group. The purpose of a corporate film is often customer acquisition, cost savings or risk reduction.

TV spot

Television is by far the most powerful medium. That says the Australian media professor Karen Nelson-Field after a survey of 2,500 people.

Video animation

It is often difficult to convey your message clearly and clearly to an audience. With an animation video you can easily explain all these things.

Video production

Nimbow Kontich is a video production company that makes customized videos. The type of video may therefore differ every time. The video must answer the questions of the target group, inform the target group or encourage them to take action.

Marketing video 

With a marketing video you gain the trust of customers and you encourage them to take action. This applies to companies, but also to cities, municipalities and other organizations, for example.

Instore video 

Instore videos are very effective. They attract the attention of the consumer, increase brand awareness and increase sales. There is a good chance that your store, company or business will also benefit from an Instore Video. An important condition is that the Instore Video has a professional appearance with an increase in turnover as a result.

2D animation 

2D animation is perfect to visualize information and convey a message in a quick and clear way.

Logo animations

A logo animation is a logo that is brought to life. No more boring boring logo. For example, you can use a logo animation in a GIF on your website or at the beginning and / or end of a video.


Multicamera is a television technology with multiple cameras. Various cameras are filmed at the same time, whereby these images are mixed and displayed live. The cameras are arranged so that one subject can be filmed from different angles. In this way, multiple images are present with one scene recording without the action having to be repeated. Editing becomes easier with these multiple synchronous images.

On a classic set where four people A and B are filmed with 4 cameras (1 to 4) (see diagram), the two extreme cameras will typically be used for close-up images where camera 1 focuses on person B and camera 4 focuses on person A. Cameras 2 and 3 are then used for overview images that also show the background.

Multicamera is typically used for programs where the broadcast is scheduled shortly after recording, or for programs (such as soap operas) where many episodes are recorded in a short time. Another use that is at least as common is any form of live reporting, such as sports competitions and concerts.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital images that create the illusion of motion or rotation and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Music clip & video clips

A video clip or short clip is a short film to music to promote a musician and his work.


A cartoon or cartoon is a humorous drawing, sometimes with a caption, that can be used as a comment or criticism of current events or social trends.

Corporate video Kontich

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Corporate video portfolio of Nimbow in Kontich

Estee Lauder Companies Ambassador event

Opening Ici Paris XL store

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To make a great video you need three things : the script, the script and the script

Alfred Hitchcock

Corporate video Kontich

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